January 11, 2007

MySpace Layout Editor

Your own MySpace Layout Editor ßeta...right here! Choose your preferred background color, images, headings and text-preview your layout and click the "Generate Layout" button to grab you own MySpace Layout Code! This Myspace Layout Editor generates Myspace Layouts that are hassle-free, ad-free and without annoying graphics and icons. Please do check it out and leave a comment on how did you like my Myspace Layout Editor.
Thanks :)


Ron Jones said...

Hello Michael,
Great work, congratulations !
Have never seen such an amazing Myspace Layout Editor in any blog. This Myspace Layout Editor is hassle free, ad-free and clear from irritating graphics and icons. Wish you all the very best.

Sean Carter said...

Hey Mike !
Nice post :)Kudos to you for taking all the effort in making such a great Myspace Layout Editor. Much to my surprise, I found such a myspace layout editor at any blog for the first time. I just checked the editor and it works great.
Keep up the good work Mike !!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael, this blog is cool and your Myspace layout editor rocks !! I also loved the cute li'l photo comments !!

Renz said...

Very cool Michael!

Can you suggest how this might work with a Musician's page on MySpace?

Also, as you are "in the know", any thoughts on a tool that would simultaneously publish to a MySpace blog as well as a Blogger blog?