December 22, 2007

Christmas Is For All

I was really deep into the spirit of the Christmas all these days. Life was having a pleasant sail with all the good things of life until yesterday. But all on a sudden my vision caught the sight of a little boy standing before a gift mall. Ever wondered how often do you find a little boy standing in front of the gift mall, peeping through the glass, when you are busy buying a Christmas gift for your son? If you're feeling the pain somewhere in your heart for those little wards of Lord, you can do something good for them. The good news is that, Operation Christmas Child has come up with unfailing love, joy and hope for the children in desperate situations all across the globe. Quench your thirst of put smile on the faces of the poor kids this Christmas. Toys For Tots is another bridge to come close to these children on Christmas. Wish you a Merry Christmas!

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