August 2, 2007

The week's myspace comments & codes snapshots

Well, I have been creating lots of MySpace comments, My Space codes for last few weeks. One of my loyal (and somewhat busy!!!) tiny readers has asked me why not I accommodate many MySpace comments and codes in single place, so that she does not miss on any and gets lotta codes and stuff for her cutie myspace friends.

I found it sensible, really. And now I plan to give a week’s MySpace comments and codes together at single place once in every week.

Do surely let me know, if you like the initiative.

Till then, enjoy and keep getting free updated daily myspace comments and codes from

1. Guiding Star: MySpace Comments

2. U Make The World Beautiful: My Space Codes

3. MySpace Codes : Caring Friends

4. MySpace Layout: Connecting Hearts

5. Thought Of The Day: Myspace Layout

6. Thank You: MySpace Comments

7. A Free Smile: MySpace Codes

8. Have a Sunny weekend: My Space Comments

9. Myspace Codes : Everlasting Friendship

10. A True Friend : MySpace Comments

11. U R My Best Friend : MySpace codes

12. My World Is Dark Without U : MySpace Codes

13. Happy Girlfriend's Day : MySpace Comments

14. Happy New World Day : MySpace Comments

15. A Miraculous Friendship : MySpace Comments

16. Half A Dozen MySpace Comments on Friendship

17. Friendship poems & MySpace Comments, Codes

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