September 17, 2007

MySpace News Round Up: September 17th

Mobile social networking is something that you come across a number of times almost on a daily basis. New research has been carried out by M:Metrics – the mobile focused statistics firm, to find out exactly how many cell phone customers are using their headsets to access blogs and social networks. Researchers report for the study of Mobile social networking is really surprising. Apparently, 3.5% Americans and 2.8 Italians are the largest users of social networking services on their mobiles.

On the other hand, there is a good news regarding the Social Networking site MySpace. The Onion is going to provide audio, video and print content to MySpace. And there is already a branded Onion page on MySpace! I'm really excited because I love the Onion and I love MySpace, now they're going to be together.

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