January 28, 2008

MySpace Have A Great Day Comments

Hey! Monday is here once again with all it's usual blue-bitten realities. Weekend seems to be too far away and I'm sure you guys are not in a mood to work and feel like banging your head on the desk. Put some fun to this reality and recharge yourself and your loved buddies at your work and beyond be reaching out to them with some of your heartfelt thoughts. If you want to strike your pals and sweetheart with sudden surprise this fine morning you can check out the whole lot of beautiful Have A Great Day greetings and use them to carry your heartfelt feelings to them from across the miles.

Charge up your pals with these cool myspace Monday Blue comments:

Heard The Weather's Blue... Make your friend/ colleague/ loved one smile on Monday with this warm ecard.

Mondays Are Blue Till... Make your sweetheart/ loved one feel special.

All I want to say you guys is Cheer Up and find the day sailing smoothly !

Sending Some Sunshine ! Reach out to your pal/ dear ones with this cute ecard and make them shine.
How Ever Long The Night... A warm message to cheer up your near and dear ones.

Sunny Side Up ! A beautiful ecard that's gonna make your friend/ loved ones feel special.
A Li'l Clown Act ! A fuzzy ecard for your friend/ colleagues/ loved ones to make them LOL.

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