January 24, 2008

Super Bowl News Round Up: MySpace Comments

After a hearing that he needed to decided if he had the jurisdiction to rule on the issues, the court judge said that the fate of the America's cup was still in limbo. Holders Alinghi have appealed a New York court's ruling that the challenger for the next America's Cup should be BMW. The challenge of Golden Gate Yacht Club was invalid since it was a flawed boat that they proposed to race. So America's Cup is still gripped in the illegal wrangle.

Anyways, let's come out of this wrangle and talk about the Super Bowl 2008. Don't miss the golden opportunity of seeing the New York Giants taking part on the New England Patriots at Super Bowl XLII. The good news is that the Tickets for Super Bowl 2008 is available now. There are two options of buying the tickets.

First: You can get from the Live Inventory of the Tickets
Second: You can buy tickets in general seating location

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