February 14, 2008

MySpace Valentine's Day Wishes Comments

When love is in the fullest swing on Valentine's Day, I might be feeling bad for something that you did with your sweetheart right before Valentine's Day. Okay! Now I'm sure you're looking for some really romantic ways to melt the ice. Sometimes it doesn't work even if you say "Sorry" hundred time. Just do it in a romantic way this Valentine's Day.

Check out these really adorable 'I Am Sorry' thumb images that holds the true romantic spirit. Click on each of them and find yourself redirected to the specific romantic sorry greetings page. So just find what's there awaiting you. in each of these pages.

Saying Sorry On Valentine's Day

A Heartfelt Message... Ask your sweetheart/spouse/beloved/loved one for forgiveness when you didn't mean to hurt his/her feelings.

Ask For Forgiveness... A sweet message to your darling/spouse/beloved asking him/her for forgiveness.

Express Your Gratitude For Being Wished On Valentine's Day

Very Special... Send this beautiful ecard to your special one and say 'Thank You' for making your day.

My Valentine... Send this ecard to say thanks to someone really special.

Make Him or Her Waltz Around With These Romantic Valentine's Day Songs

Missing You! A romantic ecard to express how much you are missing your sweetheart on Valentine's Day.

Seems Like Magic! Send this beautiful ecard to express how much you love your sweetheart.

Send Some Valentine's Day Kisses

Say It With A Kiss! Transport your sweetheart to a romantic escapade with your kiss!

Want Him or Her To Be Your Valentine?

Please Be My Valentine... Propose to your sweetheart with this floral wish.

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