August 21, 2008

Kiss Comments For Kiss And Make Up Day - Kiss Online

Hey... had a fight with someone you really care for? Don't worry it's not too hard to be cracked. You can make ti up easily. The big opportunity is right around the bend! Well people call it 'Kiss And Make Up Day'; I say it's 'Meeting of Lips Day'. It's not very frequently that my lips meet Christy's, but whenever they meet, they share some loving thoughts and her hair locks messes itself in my fingers. But it's going to be the most painful day for me this Kiss And Make Up Day - August 25th.

She's flying off to Alabama to see her grandma and we did not fight over this. But we're going to miss each other's tender touches. I'm sure we're not the only couple of creatures in the world to miss each other this 'Kiss And Make Up Day'. Millions are there; ways are there too to reach out to your love with your warm kisses this special day. And guess what!!! August is Romance Awareness Month too! So why not reaching out to your loved buddy with these romantic comments to make him or her feel special this special time of the year?

Check out these special kiss comments.

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