August 25, 2008

Labor Day Comments - Labor Day Greeting

It's the fag end of August and I swear, it's becoming unbearable for me to work these days. The work load is gradually becoming burden for me and I'm feeling like some tumbleweed that breaks away from its roots in Autumn. I am deadly tired these days and want to stay away from the bustling life from some time.

Labor Day is approaching fast... it's right at the threshold - September 1st. Faster is treading in, more I feel like staying away from the strange business calls. Being attached with restaurant and having a business of my own, I can't get a leave at the moment. Anyway, Christine will be expecting my romantic Labor Day wishes and I'm going to let her know how much I would be missing her on Labor Day. I've already started sending her a regular dose of love right today. Wondering? Hey... I just found some great August Flowers greetings.

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