April 29, 2008

MySpace Friend Comments - May Day Greetings For Friends

Hey! May Day is right here with all the fresh notes and lively tunes in the air all around. The Henry Reeves Park, where Uncle Fred and me usually have strolls along with Elsa(Fred's Lab) and Rex(my Shepherd) seems to be adorned with new colors. Elsa and Rex were so happy playing with each other. What better way they could greet the summer? Uncle Fred is missing his old touches -- his friends at Illinois, Utah and South Dakota. He wants to reach out to them with bunch May Day flowers as the fragrance of his presence. I showed him some really vibrant May Day greetings. He's going to reach out to his friends with his very personal messages and thoughts.

Send these really thoughtful May Day greetings to your loved buddies and share your thoughts and feeling. Let them know how much you miss them.

Warm And Beautiful... A beautiful ecard to wish your loved ones a wonderful May Day.
You Make My Day! You just need that one person and everything else falls in place. Give words to your feelings with this ecard.

Basket Of Warm Wishes... Wish a bright and beautiful day to all your dear ones.
Dying To Be With You! A beautiful ecard for all those people you long to be with.

Bright As May Flowers! Send this ecard to all your loved ones to wish them a bright and happy day.
You Make My May Day Happen! Your love has matured over the ages. It is just the right time and the right way to celebrate that.

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