April 24, 2008

Stay In Touch Greetings myspace Comments - MySpace Friend Comments

With spring setting in I'm feeling the urge to meet my old friends at Houston. I'm missing those old days, when we used to freak out to parties together and played base ball the entire day. Spring is the time in the year that makes me miss those moments when we used to dive into pools and spent hours. I'm sure I am not the only person who feels like this. If you are staying away from your friends and family, just don't let a few miles frizzle your bondage. Check out these Stay In Touch greetings myspace that hold the true spirit of rekindling the missing touches. Let these cool Stay In Touch greetings myspace comments bridge your distance from your loved ones. Just wish them or send them Have a Great Day or a simple 'Hello' and see the magic.

Miss Your E-mail! Cute card for your pals/loved ones.
Times May Change... Reach out to your friends/near and dear ones with this heartfelt message.
Let Not Distance Matter! Bid farewell to your loved one with this touching ecard.
Keep In Touch... Always! Reach out to your friend/loved one with this warm ecard.
Call Up Soon! Let your friend know that you would love to hear from him/her soon.
Waiting For Contact! A fun ecard to connect with a loved one who's been out of touch.
Let's Keep In Touch! A cute ecard for someone close to your heart.
Do Keep In Touch! Stay connected with a new acquaintance/friend with this warm ecard.

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