April 28, 2008

MySpace Kiss Comments - Warmest Kiss Greetings

Hey friends! Its Monday with all its blue bitten realities once again. But there's a good news too for you guys if you're in love. Kiss Day is here, revealing loads of opportunities to reach out to your love with those three magical words silently. Are you missing those tender and warm touches? Here are some amazing Kiss comments for you to try out to let him or her know how much you love him or her. Let your loved buddy know that just a few miles cannot frizzle your love.

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If your loved buddy stay near you, you are probably among the most lucky persons of the world. Just call him or her over and plan for a short trip away from the hectic bustle of life. Let her know that "you will not ask for wine" if she leaves a kiss in your cup.

Sealed With A Kiss! Make your sweetheart feel special with this lovely ecard.
Hot And Sweet Kisses! Send a virtual kiss to your sweetheart, with this ecard.

Types Of Kisses! Baby kisses or the really long ones. You want them all. Why not say it with this ecard?
I Love You! Of course you love him/her. Say it again with this ecard.

First Kiss! You still remember that first kiss.
On My Lips! You want him/her right on your lips. Express your desire with this ecard.

When Kisses Feel Heavenly! Make your sweetheart feel special with this ecard.
Your Kisses... Tell your sweetheart how his/her kisses intoxicate your senses.

Lucky In Love! Tell your sweetheart how lucky he/she makes you feel.
Kiss For You! Send across a big kiss to your sweetheart, with this ecard.

Between Lips! A sensual ecard, just for your sweetheart!
Crazy About You! A hot e-wish for your beloved.

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